my obsession with trees.

taken yesterday with the D90

north carolina trout and some johnnie for lunch with a friend. 

#swagmoney (at Husk)

the movies are so expensive.. but i did enjoy myself a bit.  (at Regal Hollywood 27)

me and my hittas. oh and dorcas falling asleep.

i miss this. but im glad i got tattoos on my arms.

my favorite thing about road trips   are the gas stations. all unique in their own way.

it has been an outstanding weekend in memphis. time for real life.. (at Memphis, TN)

today is perfect weather.  (at The Black Keys - Little Black Submarines)

s e l f i e  s u n d a y. (at Portland Brew)

lamb burger at burger-up with friends. (at Burger Up)

ive probably posted quite a few pictures of hannah, but here is a another. a great friend i might add.

coffee with a redhead friend. (at Grimey’s Too | Howlin’ Books | Frothy Monkey)